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Cochon Records
californian label
United States Of America
  • Coch 012 The Lost Sounds/Vanishing split 7"
    1. The Lost Sounds: Glued To The Screen
    2. The Lost Sounds: There's Nothing
    3. Vanishing: Get In The Car
    4. Vanishing: Lost In Pictures (Pt. 2)
  • Coch 015 Nervous Patterns, Nervous Patterns LP
    1. In A Concrete Room
    2. Pictures On My Wall
    3. Robot's On The Loose
    4. No Control
    5. Dedicated To Joe Domino
    6. It's A New World
    7. Black Whole
    8. Instrumental
    9. We're Not Living In A Modern World
    10. Experiments In Lyrics
    11. Die Like Us
    12. In A Perfect Land
    13. Things You Fear
    14. Your Secret's Safe With Me (The Fred P. Gattas Girl)
    15. These Patterns
    16. I Got My Gun
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