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Hangman's Daughter
cool english chick's label
United Kingdom
  • KETCH 1-UP Fire Dept, Last One There 7"
    1. Last One There
    2. She Saw Me
  • KETCH 2-UP Cee Bee Beaumont, Chef Do The Business 7"
    1. Chef Do The Business
    2. 5 Cornered Square
  • KETCH 3-UP The Squares, Aint That Lovin' You Baby 7"
    1. Aint That Lovin' You Baby
    2. I Can't Deceive You Baby
  • KETCH 5-UP Billy Childish With Sexton Ming, Mussel Horse 7"
    1. Mussel Horse
    2. Gaud Bless Old Mitchel
  • KETCH 6-UP Armitage Shanks, I Know What You Need 7"
      generic label-sleeve
    1. I Know What You Need
    2. Punk Tune
  • KETCH 7-UP The Mystreated, Never Question Why 7"
    1. Never Question Why
    2. Take A Look In The Mirror
  • KETCH 8-UP Dutronc, Et Moi, Et Moi, Et Moi 7"
    1. Et Moi, Et Moi, Et Moi
    2. Chaque Part De Moi-Meme
  • KETCH 16-UP The Bristols, Seduta Sul Mio Sofa 7"
    1. Seduta Sul Mio Sofa
    2. You Know You Know
  • KETCH 17-UP Armitage Shanks, You're Here I'm Hooked You're Gone 7"
      generic label-sleeve
    1. You're Here I'm Hooked You're Gone
    2. Who Chucked Who ?
  • KETCH 18-UP Thee Headcoats, Organic Footprints 7"
    1. Organic Footprints
    2. Clarabella
  • SCRAGLP 1 Billy Childish With Singing Loins, At The Bridge LP
      tracks ?
  • SCRAGLP 2/SCRAGCD 2 Thee Headcoats, Conundrum: Influencing The Stars Of Tomorrow, Ripping Off The Non-Entities Of Yestersday LP/CD
      2000 pressed
    1. Every Bit of Me
    2. Bitten Off More Than You Can Chew
    3. I Wish I'd Never Been
    4. We Ain't Gonna Be
    5. What Smashed Me
    6. Crazy Horse
    7. Again & Again
    8. Girl From 62
    9. Thief
    10. Watch Me Fall
    11. He's So Popular With The Girls
    12. I'm An Idiot
    13. Hoping
    14. I Wish I Knew What I Was Living For (Super Electro LP only)
  • SCRAGCD 3 Billy Childish With The Blackhands, Play Captain Calypso's Hoodoo Party + Live In The Netherlands CD
      tracks ?
  • SCRAGLP 8/SCRAGCD 8 Thee Headcoats, Deerstalking Men LP/CD
      this is actually Thee Headcoat Sect, a slightly different group, incorporating members of the Downliners Sect, in this case Don Craine
    1. Strychnine
    2. My Dear Watson
    3. Fog-Bound Pinhead
    4. Troubled Times
    5. Cowboys Are Square
    6. Baby What's Wrong
    7. Why Don't You Smile Now
    8. The Witch
    9. Squaresville
    10. Lie Detector
    11. Deerstalking Men
    12. I'm A Gamekeeper
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