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Hipsville Records
Hipsville Records
2020 S. Lowell Blvd.
Denver, CO 80219
United States Of America
  • HIP-08001 The Down-N-Outs, Introducing The Low Down Sounds Of The The Down-N-Outs 7"
      handnumbered edition of 500 copies
      50 clear, 450 copies black vinyl
    1. Can't Go On
    2. I Saw A Girl
    3. How Many Times?
  • HIP-08002 The Down-N-Outs, Wreck My World 7"
      handnumbered edition of 500 copies
    1. Wreck My World
    2. Don't Ask Me Why?
  • HIP-08003 The Down-N-Outs, Lies, Lies, Lies 7"
      handnumbered edition of 50 copies, one-sided 7"
      sold only and sold out at the record release party for the Wreck My World single, aug 21st 1999
    1. Lies, Lies, Lies
  • CREEP 003/HIP-08004 The Down-N-Outs, Ape Hangar LP
    1. Such A Square
    2. There You Are
    3. So Tired Of You
    4. I'm Looking
    5. Iron Cross (The Losers Theme)
    6. Yeah She's Mine
    7. Ape Hanger (The Chase)
    8. Better Off Dead
    9. Bird Won't Fly
  • HIPS-805 The Omens, Yeah-Yeah! 7"
      clear vinyl
    1. Yeah-Yeah!
    2. Try Just Try
  • HIPS-806 The Maggots, What A Girl Can't Do 7"
      grey vinyl
    1. What A Girl Can't Do
    2. Whole Lotta Nothing Goin' On
  • HIPS-807 The Omens, Destroy The ESP CD
    1. I Lost My Mind
    2. Just Can't Satisfy
    3. John Fante Blues
    4. Make Time
    5. Heart Full Of Lies
    6. Give It To Me
    7. Walk Last Nite
    8. Hey Moody
    9. Your A Dirty Liar
  • HIPS-808 The Omens, Make It Last 7"
    1. Make It Last
    2. Won't Be Ashamed
  • HIPS-809 The Omens, Look Away 7"
      two pressings/two sleeves: black vinyl regular-pressing and green vinyl eurotour-pressing
    1. Look Away
    2. Gonna Be Alright
  • HIPS-8010 The Omens, Send Black Flowers LP/CD
    1. Pray For You
    2. Look Away
    3. You Can't Come Back
    4. She's Just Fine
    5. I Need Your Love
    6. You Don't Know Me At All
    7. Make It Last
    8. It's Down On You
    9. Gonna Be Alright
    10. Won't Be Ashamed
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