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dutch reissue label
The Netherlands
  • VP99.001 The Outsiders, Outsiders LP
    1. Story 16
    2. Tears Are Falling From My Eyes
    3. Ain't Gonna Miss You
    4. I Wish I Could
    5. Afraid Of The Dark
    6. Teach Me To Forget You
    7. Filthy Rich
    8. I Would Love You
    9. Don't You Cry
    10. Won't You Listen
    11. If You Don't Treat Me Right
  • VP99.007 Q65, Revolution LP
      rerelease of a 1966 original on Decca
    1. The Life I Live
    2. I Got Nightmares
    3. Just Who's In Sight
    4. Mr. Pitiful (Otis Redding)
    5. I'm A Man (Bo Diddley)
    6. Middle-Age Talk
    7. Summerthoughts In A Field Of Weed
    8. Down At The Bottom (Willie Dixon)
    9. Get Out Of My Life, Woman (Allen Toussaint)
    10. Spoonful (Willie Dixon)
    11. Sour Wine
    12. Bring It On Home (Willie Dixon)
  • VP99.013 The Outsiders, You Mistreat Me 10"
    1. You Mistreat Me
    2. Sun's Going Down
    3. Thinking About Today
    4. Felt Like I Wanted To Cry
    5. I Love Her Still, I Always Will