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Wild World
indie label
United States Of America
Wild World [wildworldrecords[AT]gmail{DOT}com]
  • WW001 Vivian Girls, Surf's Up 7"
    1. Surfin Away
    2. Second Date
  • WW002 Vivian Girls, Wild Eyes 7"
      rerelease of original on Plays With Dolls, white background-sleeve
    1. Wild Eyes
    2. My Baby Wants Me Dead
  • WW003 Bossy, The Best Of Bossy LP
    1. Who Loves You More
    2. California Big Deal
    3. Walk Around
    4. Hey Hey My My (Neil Young)
    5. The Monster
    6. No Life
    7. Staring Contest
    8. Dirty Fingers
    9. Who Loves You Most
  • WW007 Vivian Girls, My Love Will Follow Me 7"
    1. My Love Will Follow Me
    2. He's Gone (The Chantels)
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