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Steve Albini
noiseguru out of Chicago, Illinois
United States Of America

Steve Albini ...

  1. was in Big Black.
  2. was in Rapeman.
  3. is in Shellac.
  4. also briefly was in the Army (a duo with Jay Tiller of Couch Flambeau).
  5. played bass for Flour.
  6. is in a band called Deadly Cupcake with Rick Lee and Russell Simins.
  7. is a very wellknown recording engineer of lots of bands, Steve "don't call me a producer, I'm a recording enigineer" Albini engineered/produced (among others):
    1. The Amps (Pacer album)
    2. Bastro (Rode Hard And Put Up Wet album)
    3. Big'N (debut album)
    4. The Breeders (Pod album)
    5. Bush (Razorblade Suitcase album)
    6. Cheap Trick, Baby Talk 7" (Subpop USA, 1997, SP 393)
    7. Dazzling Killmen (both regular albums)
    8. Robbie Fulks (Country Love Songs album)
    9. PJ Harvey (Rid Of Me album)
    10. Helmet
    11. Jesus Lizard (Pure EP)
    12. Man Or Astroman? (Experiment Zero album and more)
    13. mclusky (every recording)
    14. Melt-Banana (several releases)
    15. Nirvana (In Utero album)
    16. Pansy Division (CManada 7")
    17. Pixies (Surfer Rosa album)
    18. The Ponys (Celebration Castle album).
    19. Poster Children (Flower Power album and Thinner, Stronger 7" on Subpop USA, SP 88)
    20. Sandy Duncan's Eye (Sandy Duncan's Eye album)
    21. Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet (#1 on the Take Outs 7").
    22. Slint (Tweez album, where he was referred to as a "Fucking Derd Niffer")
    23. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (Acme album)
    24. Spider Virus (debut album on Ng Records)
    25. Tad (Salt Lick EP)
    26. Wedding Present (Seamonsters album)
    27. Wreck (Mikey 7" on Fist Puppet)
    28. Zeni Geva (he also appears on their records lots o' times)
    29. about 1000 bands you've never heard of


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