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Tim Kerr
great guy in great bands
United States Of America
Tim Kerr [info[AT]timkerr{DOT}net]

Tim Kerr ...

  1. was in Big Boys.
  2. was in Poison 13.
  3. was in Bad Mutha Goose And The Brothers Grimm. They released a 12" on Fable Records and three more EPs and one full length.
  4. was in Jack O'Fire.
  5. was in King Sound Quartet.
  6. was in Lord High Fixers.
  7. is in Monkeywrench.
  8. was in The Now Time Delegation.
  9. is in Total Sound Group Direct Action Committee.
  10. recorded The Motards' Saturday Night Special ED LP/CD (Empty, 1997, MTR-358).
  11. recorded Frigg A-Go-Go's Winning Score LP/CD (Scooch Pooch, 1999, PO 47).
  12. recorded Estrella 20/20's Afro Mexicana 10"/CD (Estrus, 1999, ES 1020).
  13. recorded The Hefners' Lay Off This Is The Old Man's Private Poison CD (Middle Class Pig Records, 1999, MCP 014).
  14. recorded loads of recordings by Sugar Shack.
  15. recorded The Gospel Swingers' Mississippi 7".
  16. recorded The Makers' Makers LP/CD (Estrus, year ?, ES 1227).
  17. recorded The Makers with April March's April March Sings The Songs LP/CD (Sympathy For The Record Industry, year ?, SFTRI 434).
  18. recorded Glorium's Cinema Peligrosa LP/CD (Undone, year ?, UDR-???).
  19. recorded a record by Rains Like The Sounds Of Trains, a Washington DC based group with Joshua Larue, it was released and/or disributed by Dischord.
  20. recorded One Man Show Live's, Wrong Wrong Wrong 7" (Goodbye Boozy Records, 2001, GB 07).
  21. recorded The Blow Up's Microscope 7" (Estrus, 2001, ES 7157).
  22. recorded the Miss Pussycat & Quintron/Xbxrx split 7", entitled "Mardi Gras!", (Gold Standard Laboratories, 2002, G§L 49).
  23. recorded The Gloryholes' Knock You Up LP/CD (Empty Records US, 2002, MTR-395).
  24. appears with The Dexateens on their second album, he recorded the first two albums.

By the way this Tim Kerr is not the one from Tim/Kerr Records.

  1. Tim Kerr 's official website
  2. Tim Kerr 's official full discography @