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Willem Kolvoort
artwork hero
Willem "Snorkel" Kolvoort
Soerabajastraat 49a
9715 LP Groningen
The Netherlands
Willem "Snorkel" Kolvoort [artsnorkel[AT]hetnet{DOT}nl]

Willem Kolvoort ...

  1. used to make the VERA-krant.
  2. made and makes loads of handsilkscreenprinted concertposters for VERA.
  3. made the pictures for the "FM 005" 7" by The Slow-Ones.
  4. made the sleeve for a CD by The Notwist.
  5. is in Weanietots & El. He made the packages for both their releases, the self-released one and the one on Tombstone Records.
  6. made the sleeve for the first 7" by Whipster.
  7. made the sleeve for the Firebirds 7" (Kogar).
  8. made the excellent handsilkscreenprinted sleeve and the photograph glued on it for the "Maybe Your Baby" 7" by The Dirtbombs (HIGH Maintenance).
  9. made 2 excellent sleeves for Grunnens best skaband Jammah Tammah. For their CD "Skbang!" (1996) and their 7" "Cuty Snotty" (1999).
  10. made the photos for the On Tour!!! LP by the Krontjong Devils (Telstar Records, 1998, TR 028).
  11. did the artwork for a compilation 10" picture disc entitled "Bite It!!" (Sounds Of Subterrania, 2002, S.O.S.-030).


  1. Willem "Snorkel" Kolvoort official website