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Kyra La Rubia
garagerock legend
United Kingdom

Kyra La Rubia ...

  1. is in Thee Headcoatees.
  2. is in Kyra Rubella & The Shanks (The Shanks are Basil Bile and Vic Flange), they have a 7" entitled Love In A Void/Orgasm Addict (Buzzcocks) (Damaged Goods, 1995, DAMGOOD 59).
  3. has a very good solo 7" entitled Doodlebug (Damaged Goods, 1998, DAMGOOD 143).
  4. does Sing Shed Sink on a Thee Headcoatees/Thee Headcoats split 7" (Bricolage, 1999, BRI-001).
  5. has a solo LP/CD on Vinyl Japan entitled Here I Am I Always Am (ASKLP/CD 71).
  6. has a solo 7" entitled Marieke on Vinyl Japan (PAD 38).
  7. is in The Experimental Years with Babyteeth Marge (Slant 6) and Wolf (Daggermen & James Taylor Quartet).
  8. is in The A-Lines.

Kyra La Rubia is also called Kyra Rubella, but her real name is Kyra De Coninck. She's originally from Belgium.