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Jon Spencer
N.Y.C. legend in our time
United States Of America

Jon Spencer ...

  1. 's first band was Pussy Galore.
  2. was in Shithaus, an industrial band. They put out one cassette release in 1985.
  3. directed two (according to some very experimental, ed) black & white 16mm films using some Shithaus music in each (?), but neither of them were called Shithaus. The other music was just stuff he stole. One of the movies was Pus: The Movie and the other was Ponzo's Masterwork. He's hardly ever shown them publicly, but they are amazingly well-made and hilariously offensive, containing images such as Jon taking a dump, Jon sticking a drumstick up his ass, Jon sticking a needle in his DICK, and slaughterhouse footage. At a showing of "Ponzo's Masterwork" at the NY Underground Film Festival in '86 or '87, the movie was cancelled halfway through due to a projector problem, but by that point there was nearly a riot by the outraged audience (the same one that had sat respectfully through Richard Kern's and Nick Zedd's movies that same night).
  4. appeared with Workdogs (a couple of songs and one entire LP).
  5. appeared with/was in Honeymoon Killers (last album).
  6. appeared with Gibson Bros. (some recordings).
  7. appeared on and produced the Don't Like You album by Cheater Slicks (In The Red, 1995).
  8. currently is in Boss Hog.
  9. offcourse is in Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.
  10. appears, together with the other two of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, with R.L. Burnside.
  11. produced half of the Demolition Doll Rods Tasty album (In The Red, 1997)
  12. is in the one-off Dub Narcotic Sound System & The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion project, that recorded the "Soul Sideways" album.
  13. made the Specila Gomez Mix of Ende Neu bei die Einstürzende Neubauten on their Ende Neu Remixes 2xLP (Mute, 1997).
  14. remixed a Moby song, no details known about this. It was released on (amongst others) a promo CDS for certain.
  15. appears on one track (only) on the european version (only) of Beck's Odelay CD. The CD has got catalogue number GED24908, and the track involved is track 14, Discobox, where Jon is co-credited with producing alongside Beck and the Dust Brothers. He also plays the keychain (no idea what that is!) on this track.
  16. appears on Andre Williams' Lap Dance 12" (In The Red, 2000, ITR-066).
  17. appears on Andre Williams' Is The Black Godfather LP/CD (In The Red, 2000, ITR-065).
  18. appears on the No Comprendo album by Khan (LP: Playhouse, 2001, Nr. 49/CD: Matador, 2001, OLE 497-2).
  19. is in Spencer Dickinson.
  20. appears on Speedball Baby's The Blackout LP/CD (In The Red, 2002, ITR-086).
  21. appears on Tarantula by Los Straitjackets. The track can be found on the Supersonic Guitars In 3-D LP/CD (Yep Roc Records, 2003, YEP-2047).
  22. appears on guitar on Rob K's The End Of The Earth CD (Orange Recordings, 2004, OR-25).
  23. is in Heavy Trash.
  24. appears on a 7" by Rob K (Unsound Recordings).
  25. (and for the record) is NOT the Jon Spencer that wrote the book entitled "Blues and Evil".
  26. (and for the record) is NOT the brother of Chris Spencer.
  27. (and for the record) is NOT to be confused with John (JoHn) Spencer, boring dutch (former) "chartbustin" rock 'n' roller.