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Jerry Teel
New York LEGEND in his own time!
United States Of America
Jerry Teel/The Big City Stompers [bcstompers[AT]aol{DOT}com]

Jerry Teel ...

  1. was in the Sno-Caps
    They were with three:
    - Jerry Teel himself (on guitar, I presume)
    - Claire Slater: bass
    - Lisa Wells: bass
  2. was in Huge Killer Ship
    They included:
    - Jerry Teel himself on guitar
    - Claire Slater on bass and lead vocals
    - Stephen Gullo on drums
    and, for most of its lifespan:
    - Stan Satin on saxophone
    and, for some gigs:
    - Ted Parsons on drums (Ted went on to play with Prong)
  3. was in Honeymoon Killers.
  4. was in Boss Hog, Jerry plays on the first two albums only.
  5. was in Chrome Cranks.
  6. was in Little Porkchop.
  7. was in Knoxville Girls.
  8. has appeared with the Workdogs on a couple of songs and on one entire LP.
  9. has appeared on the Cheater Slicks' fourth album.
  10. has a studio called Funhouse, together with William Weber.
  11. they/he recorded/mixed/engineered/produced the first Dura-Delinquent album.
  12. they/he recorded/mixed/engineered/produced the 20 Miles 3x7".
  13. recorded/mixed the 3-track debut-CD release by Lynnea (link, see below).
  14. appeared on harp on/produced a 7" by spanish band Pretty Fuck Luck.
  15. recorded the debut 7" and debut LP by Dan Melchior's Broke Revue (In The Red, 2001, ITR 081/ITR 083).
  16. recorded the 2nd 7" by The Starlite Desperation (Gold Standard Laboratories, 1999, G§L 20).
  17. recorded the debut 12" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
  18. they/he recorded/mixed/engineered/produced loads of others.
  19. appears on Spencer Dickinson's debut CD (Toy's Factory, 2001, TFCK-87263).
  20. recorded, together with Peter Arsenault, the third album by 20 Miles.
  21. is in Jerry Teel And The Big City Stompers.
  22. produced the Detonations' debut Static Vision CD (Alive Records, 2004, ALIVE 055).
  23. appears on guitar on Rob K's The End Of The Earth CD (Orange Recordings, 2004, OR-25).
  24. was, as a one-off, in Bewitched.


  1. Funhouse Studio official website
  2. Lynnea official website