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Jim Thirlwell
noisy NYC guy
United States Of America

Jim Thirlwell ...

  1. his real name is Jim G. Thirlwell, he's also known as "Foetus", "Clint Ruin", and some more ...
  2. was in Scraping Foetus Of The Wheel. They have loads of releases, amongst others an album on Homestead Records (HMS 041).
  3. appears as "Clint Ruin" with Boss Hog.
  4. delivered, as "Clint Ruin", a tape for Workdogs' "Workdogs In Hell", a CD assembled from many tapes.
  5. was in Wiseblood.
  6. played with Kurt Wolf.
  7. played with Vincent Signorelli.
  8. has a split picture disc 7"/CDS with Chrome Cranks. It's released on PCP (1994, PCP 011).
  9. appears on the Scary Songs For Kids 7" (Elemental, 1991, 9177), Tav Falco is on it too.
  10. played with Norman Westberg.
  11. is behind a band called Garage Monsters.
  12. remixed a song for Andre Williams/Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Lap Dance split 12" (In The Red, 2000, ITR-066).


  1. Foetus official website