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Liam Watson
legendary producer
United Kingdom

Liam Watson ...

  1. has a recording studio called Toe Rag in London, UK.
  2. was in The Slingbacks.
  3. is in The Bristols.
  4. produced Billy Childish material.
  5. produced all stuff by the Budget Girls.
  6. was in The Masonics.
  7. produced The Buff Medways' F-B-M-F-A 7" (Damaged Goods, 2001, DAMGOOD 188)
  8. produced Thee Headcoats material.
  9. produced Thee Michelle Gun Elephant material.
  10. produced The Rapiers material.
  11. produced The Saturn V Featuring Orbit' Behind Closed Doors At A Recording Session 7" (Big Ben Records, 2000, BB-500).
  12. produced The SolarFlares material.
  13. produced Television Personalities' I Was A Mod Before You Was A Mod LP/CD.
  14. produced the In Our Eyes LP / All The Rage CD by The Waistcoats (Larsen Recordz, LZ 069 / Wildebeest Records, WBST 011).
  15. recorded and produced the 4th LP/CD by The White Stripes.
  16. is/was in Armitage Shanks.
  17. produced the first 2 albums by The Ettes.