Grunnen Rocks Home Willem Kolvoort
Maston + The Resonars, VERA september 18, 2013
7"es only
  1. The Aztex, The Little Streets In This Town
  2. The Aztex, I Said Move
  3. The Wax Museums, Traffic Violation
  4. The Ray Conniff Singers, Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
  5. Final Solutions, Eye Don't Like You
  6. Blacktop, Mojo Kitty
  7. The Makers, I Can't Stand It
  8. Bona Roba, Cunningham Park
  9. The New Bomb Turks, Trying To Get By
  10. Thee Headcoatees, My Boyfriend's Learning Karate
  11. Man or Astroman?, Of Sex And Demise
  12. mclusky, Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues
  13. Marble Orchard, Something Happens
  14. The Muffs, I Need You
  15. Black Cat Music, "One Foot In The Grave"
  16. Wheels On Fire, Bad Lie
  17. Psychic Ills, Radar Eyes (The Godz)
  18. The Nomads, (I'm) Out Of It
  19. Rayon Beach, Airplane With Tits
  20. Heavy Times, K-9
  21. Barreracudas, 7th Time Around
  22. Night Beats, H-Bomb
  23. Black Lips, Katrina
  24. Black Time, I Hate The World And The World Hates Me
  25. The Cants, Complications
  26. Chelsea, Right To Work
  27. Bromhead's Jacket, What If's + Maybe's
  28. The Headcoats, My Dear Watson
  29. Jack O' Fire, Hidden Charms
  30. Daily Void, (Surprise Surprise) You've Lost Your Eyes
  31. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band, Plastic Factory
  32. traumahelikopter, Wolf
  33. The Cramps, Surfin' Bird
  34. The Surfaris, Surfin' Bird
  35. The Modern Lovers, New England
  36. Dan Melchior, Instant Love
  37. The Forbidden Tigers, Glimpse Of A Ghost
the big exceptions: a live LP bought on the spot and the planned last number of the gig:
  1. Jacco Gardner, How To Live Again
  2. Johnny Cash, For The Good Times