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The Beavers
the band that made the best dutch 7" ever
The Netherlands

The Beavers #1:
(debut 7", split 7", 1993)
Titus: guitar, vocals
Inge: bass, vocals
André: organ
Koos: drums

The Beavers #2:
(second 7", 2006)
Jack: drums
Titus: vocals, guitar
Harold: bass
Paul: organ

The Beavers #3:
(first 10", 2008)
Jack: drums, backing vocals
Titus: guitars and vocals
Harold: bass
Paul: organ


Koos Borg's musical history
André Dodde's musical history
Jack Outhuis' musical history
Titus Smid's musical history
Inge A.J. Melsen's musical history
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Paul Carrière's musical history

  1. Nancy You're A Square 7" (Kogar, 1993, hairy 002)
      produced by Mike Mariconda
    1. Nancy You're A Square
    2. Don't Leave Me
  2. The Beavers Are Back! 7" (High School Reject Records, 2006, HSR 025)
      this one's on High School Refuse Records
    1. I'm On No One's Side
    2. Scared To Death
    3. DAF 66
  3. Silly Girls 7" (Frantic City Records, 2009, frantic-007)
    1. Silly Girls
    2. I Don't Care Anymore
    3. Link's Dead
  4. Don't Go Away 7" (High School Reject Records, 2012, HSR 029)
      this one's on High School Refuse Records
    1. Don't Go Away
    2. Down And Out
    3. Some Other Time
  5. Nancy, You're A Square MP3 (#lowCost, 2013, LC 002)
      DOWNLOAD "LC 002 - The Beavers - Nancy You're A Square.mp3" HERE
      originally available on 500/1000 copies of black vinyl on Kogar
      the original DAT tape (november 1992) recording made available on MP3 for the 1st time
    1. Nancy, You're A Square
  1. split 7" (Demolition Derby, 1993, DD 003)
    1. The Beavers: Rock 'N' Roll
    2. Gaunt: Ohio
  1. Com' On Let's Beav' 10" (High School Reject Records, 2008, HSR 502)
      this one's on High School Refuse Records
    1. Live Back My Own
    2. Why Don't You Give Me Your Heart?
    3. Come Back Home To Me
    4. The Dark Surfer
    5. Will The First Time Be The Last?
    6. Just One Chance
    7. I'm Hurt
    8. Don't Turn Your Back On Me
  1. "Shut The Gate, Suzy, And Don't Let Me In" LP (Nitro!, 1996, NITRO 002)
    1. Rock&Roll
  2. "Shut The Gate, Suzy, And Don't Let Me In" CD (Nitro!, 1996, NITRO 002)
    1. Rock&Roll
  3. De Slag Van Groverpop 2009 CD (Groverpop, 2008, CD 200901)
    1. Just One Chance


  1. The Beavers official website
  2. The Beavers @