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The Clone Defects
from Detroit with love
United States Of America

Timmy Vulgar: (electric) guitar, vocals
Chuck Fogg: bass
Wild Mid Wes: (acoustic) guitar
Fast Eddie: drums, tambourine


Chuck Fogg's musical history
Edward Altesleben's musical history
Tim Lampinen's musical history
Wesley Kerstens' musical history

  1. Clone Defects 7" (Addition Records/Tom Perkins Records, 1999, TPR 003/AR 003)
      1000 pressed
    1. Bottled Woman
    2. Cheetah Eyes
  2. Scissors Chop 7" (Italy Records, 2000, IR-010)
      mixed by Jim Diamond and The Clone Defects
    1. Scissors Chop
    2. 15 Minute Love
    3. Mars
  3. The Lizard Boy 7" (Italy Records, 2000, IR-011)
      corelease with Superior Sounds
      limited to 1000 copies, 500 on clear blue vinyl, 500 on black vinyl
    1. Rouge River Rebel
    2. Not As Good As Gold
    3. Wholesome Girl
    4. Lizard Boy
  4. Shapes Of Venus 7" (In The Red, 2003, ITR 097)
      recorded by Jim Diamond and mixed by him and the band
      clear vinyl
    1. Shapes Of Venus
    2. Stick My Knife
  1. Blood On Jupiter LP/CD (Tom Perkins Records, 2001, AR-12244)
      corelease with Superior Sounds
      recorded by Jim Diamond and produced by him and the band
      Amy Surdu appears on vocals
    1. Blood On Jupiter
    2. Whiskey And Women
    3. Don't Care If You Come
    4. Cheap Livin'
    5. Eyeballs Poppin'
    6. Little Ms. Lori
    7. Deep End
    8. Precious Libra
    9. Tropically Hot (Berlin Brats)
    10. Clone Defect
    11. Not As Good As Gold (CD-only)
    12. Cheetah Eyes (CD-only)
  2. Shapes Of Venus LP/CD (In The Red, 2003, ITR 098)
      recorded by Jim Diamond and mixed by him and the band
      Deanne Iovan appears on vocals (one song)
    1. Low Fashion Lovers
    2. Stray Boy
    3. Still Poor
    4. Fill My Fridge
    5. Ain't No New Buzz
    6. Procastration Babys (Out Of Stagnation Now)
    7. Rabid Animal Detector
    8. Shapes Of Venus
    9. Take Your Love Back
    10. Calm You Down
    11. I Rock I Ran
    12. Plastic Stuff
    13. That's How Strong My Love Is
    14. Dear John
  1. Drunk On Rock Volume Two CD (I-94 Recordings, 2000, I-94-006)
    1. Tropically Hot (Berlin Brats)
  2. Sympathetic Sounds Of Detroit LP/CD (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 2001, SFTRI 623)
      produced and recorded by Jack White, mixed by Jack White and Jim Diamond
    1. Whiskey 'N Women
  3. Static Disaster The U.K. In The Red Records Sampler CD (In The Red, 2005, ITR 1313)
    1. Shapes Of Venus

They appear in the Detroit Rock Movie.

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  3. WFMU's Three Chord Monte has a live-show online (realaudio, .ram-file).