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Jim Diamond
from Detroit, with love
United States Of America
Jim Diamond [jmosrite[AT]hotmail{DOT}com]

Jim Diamond ...

  1. was in the Beat-O-Sonics with Eric Makowski.
  2. has got his own studio, called Ghetto Recorders.
  3. engineered/produced or both all tracks on the Ghettoblaster: A Detroit Music Sampler 1997 Volume 1 CD (Motor City Brewing Works, 1997, MCBWGB 001). He is in Jim Diamond's Pop Monsoon, this "band" has one track on the CD too.
  4. engineered all songs (but one) on all earlier releases by The Dirtbombs.
  5. recorded all 3 albums and some singles by Bantam Rooster. He also appears on various tracks.
  6. recorded the first (and last) LP and produced the third 7" by The Dirtys.
  7. appeared on and recorded the excellent Andre Williams LP/CD Silky on In The Red.
  8. was playing bass in The Dirtbombs (5th til 14th line-up).
  9. engineered and appeared on the Red Aunts' Ghetto Blaster LP/CD on Epitaph.
  10. recorded the first 7" and the first album by The Blowtops. He plays organ on Grave With A View, track 10 of the album.
  11. was in The Couvairs for a two track recording session.
  12. is playing baritone 12 string electric ("ghost guitar") in The Witches. Also produced and recorded their 2000 LP/CD on Fall Of Rome Records.
  13. mixed Zulu Lulu on the first album by The Screws.
  14. co-produced and engineered the SFTRI 7" and LP/CD by The White Stripes.
  15. mixed the All-American Psycho 10" by Baseball Furies (Flying Bomb Records).
  16. coremixed Attack by Jon Spencer Blues Explosion on their Heavy 12"/CDS.
  17. recorded the excellent Andre Williams & The Sadies Red Dirt LP/CD (Sonic Rendezvous/Bloodshot Records, SR 9901/BS 048).
  18. mixed The Gospel According To John 7" by Soledad Brothers (Estrus, 1999, ES 7142).
  19. recorded the debut album by The Go.
  20. appears on the Andre Williams Is The Black Godfather LP/CD (In The Red, 2000, ITR-065).
  21. produced a LP and a 7" by New Bomb Turks.
  22. corecorded, coproduced & comixed a 7" by The Upholsterers, Makers Of High Grade Suites 7" (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 2000, SFTRI 611).
  23. comixed the 7" by The Greenhornes on Italy Records (IR-009).
  24. engineered the debut 7" and the first LP/CD by The Come Ons (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 2000, SFTRI 617 and SFTRI 608).
  25. comixed the second 7" by The Clone Defects.
  26. produced the Electric Power 7" by The Exploders (Rip Off Records, 2000, rip off 046).
  27. recorded the Cyclerific Sounds LP/CD by The Silencers (Total Energy Records, 2000, NER 3022).
  28. recorded the Go Baby Go! 7" by The Silencers (Pure Vinyl, 2000, PV 018).
  29. co-mixed the Sympathetic Sounds Of Detroit LP/CD. (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 2001, SFTRI 623).
  30. recorded three tracks on a 7" by Les Sexareenos.
  31. mixed the debut 7" by The Von Bondies (D wreckEd hiT, 2000, DET.001).
  32. recorded the debut-album and the 2nd 7" by The Von Bondies.
  33. recorded the debut-12"EP by Lost Kids (Gold Standard Laboratories, 2001, G§L 43).
  34. recorded a stack of tunes with The Buzzards.
  35. recorded the debut LP/CD by The Daylight Lovers (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 2001, SFTRI 628).
  36. recorded the (not released yet) debut album by The Guilty Pleasures.
  37. recorded the debut 7" by The Del-Gators (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 2001, SFTRI 671).
  38. recorded and mixed The Sights' Are You Green? LP/CD (Fall Of Rome Records, 2001, FOR 1002), their If That's What You Want 2x7" (Fall Of Rome Records, 2001, FOR 1004) and their second album: Got What You Want LP/CD (Fall Of Rome Records, 2002, FOR 1007). He appears on the first album too.
  39. recorded and produced the recordings for and appears on Wide Right's Music! Live! Booze! CDEP.
  40. produced the 2nd LP/CD by The Come Ons (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 2001, SFTRI 670).
  41. recorded and co-produced the debut album by The Clone Defects (Tom Perkins Records/Superior Sounds, 2001, AR-12244).
  42. recorded a 7" by The Wildbunch, Danger! High Voltage (Flying Bomb Records, 2001, FLB-117).
  43. appears as "Bill Clinton" with The Wildbunch on Danger (High Voltage) (Flying Bomb Records, 2001, FLB-117).
  44. recorded Troy Gregory's Sybil CD (Fall Of Rome Records, 2002, FOR 1005).
  45. is in Jim Diamond's Pop Monsoon.
  46. engineered the 2nd album by Slumber Party.
  47. recorded the Electric Sweat album by The Mooney Suzuki (Gammon Records, 2002,
  48. appears as "Bill Clinton" with Electric Six on Danger! High Voltage (several releases).
  49. is in Seger Liberation Army.
  50. produced the debut EP by The High Strung.
  51. mastered and/or mixed all tracks on the Ghettoblaster Volume 2 CD (Motor City Brewing Works, 2002, MCBWGB 002).
  52. recorded and mixed and appears on The Clone Defects' second album, Shapes Of Venus (In The Red, 2003, ITR 098).
  53. recorded the second album by The Mistreaters, entitled Playa Hated To The Fullest LP/CD (Estrus, 2003, ES 1296).
  54. recorded the debut album by The High Strung: These Are Good Times CD (Tee Pee Records, 2003, TP-051).
  55. appears on a The Legendary Tiger Man 7" entitled Big Black Rusty Pussyboat (Munster Records, 2003, MR 7181).
  56. appears on the I Sing The Booty Electric album by The Voltaire Brothers.
  57. recorded The Come Ons' Play Selections From The Serge Gainsbourg Songbook 7" (Larsen Recordz, 2003, LZ 077).
  58. recorded The Safes' Boogie Woogie Rumble CDEP.
  59. recorded the debut 7" of The Nice Device.
  60. produced two tracks on the The Von Bondies' second album.
  61. co-produced and appears on Troy Gregory's Laura CD (Fall Of Rome Records, 2004, FOR 1009).
  62. produced the The Forty-Fives' High Life High Volume LP/CD.
  63. produced The Bloody Tears' Downhanded CD (Licorice Tree Records, 2005, YUM 1004).


  1. Ghetto Recorders = his studio
  2. Clients @
  3. The Ghettoblaster CD's has all recordings by Jim Diamond
  4. Jim Diamond @