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Fall Of Rome Records
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Fall Of Rome Records
P.O. Box 69431
Los Angeles, CA 90069
United States Of America
Mark Rome/Fall Of Rome Records [mark[AT]fallofrome{DOT}com]
  • FOR 1001 The Witches, Universal Mall LP/CD
      this was going to be on Spectator Records (SPEC 013)
      there exist promos with that on it and a Fall Of Rome sticker as well
      produced and recorded by Jim Diamond
    1. People Whats Wrong With You
    2. Keep Me Away
    3. Demons All Around Her
    4. Given Up Girls
    5. The Robot Family
    6. Devil Made 'Em Run
    7. What It Really?
    8. Some Girls Basement
    9. We Got Rats
    10. Force 2B Reckoned With
    11. (She Got Some Kinda) Thing
    12. Around You
    13. She Quit Smilin'
  • FOR 1002 The Sights, Are You Green? LP/CD
      recorded and mixed by Jim Diamond
    1. All Night Long Stay
    2. Want Is You
    3. Sorry
    4. I Can't Stand You
    5. F#
    6. Not One To Beg
    7. She's Not The One
    8. Finish Whatcha Started
    9. Talk To You
    10. That Aint Right Little Girl
    11. The Hott Seat
    12. Hey Girl (Small Faces)
    13. Are You Green?
  • FOR 1003 They Come In Threes, Blindsided Pt. 1 LP/CD
    1. Dynamo
    2. Rubber Band Collection
    3. Norman turns Around
    4. June Starts With Monday
    5. Lamplit
    6. The Rug Is On The Wall
    7. Electric Eel / Electric Vibe
    8. Literatourist
    9. Reddish
    10. He's Got Stories
  • FOR 1004 The Sights, If That's What You Want 2x7"
      recorded and mixed by Jim Diamond
      one on red, one on yellow vinyl
    1. If That's What You Want
    2. People
    3. Say Say
    4. Nobody
  • FOR 1005 Troy Gregory's Sybil CD
      every track has Troy Gregory on vocals and a band from Detroit, recorded by Jim Diamond
    1. Bantam Rooster: Lice Cots N' Rabies Shots
    2. The Sights: Leave The Ghosts At Home
    3. They Come In Threes: Rat Squad
    4. Outrageous Cherry: Regrets ... I've Had A Few
    5. The Volebeats: Left My Mind Alone
    6. The Alphabet: Other Dimensions Will Reveal Themselves 2 B True 2 U
    7. The Wildbunch: Dealin' In Death N' Stealin' In The Name Of The Lord
    8. The Come Ons: It Ain't Human
    9. Jim Diamond's Pop Monsoon: Down 2 The Last Santa Claus
    10. The Glow In The Dark Monsters: Electrik Fool
    11. The Dirtbombs: Born In A Haunted Barn
    12. Larval: We Werk The Lines In Yer Hand
    13. Slumber Party: Freezing Rain Freezin'
  • FOR 1006 The Voltaire Brothers, I Sing The Booty Electric LP/CD
    1. The Mother Ones
    2. I Sing The Booty Electric
    3. Which One
    4. Funky Motion
    5. Transparabolicwobblemegatronicthangamabutylspasmotickryptorumpalistics (a.k.a. Siege Of The Booty Chirren)
    6. Trouble Man Everyday
  • FOR 1007 The Sights, Got What You Want LP/CD
    1. Don't Want You Back
    2. Be Like Normal
    3. Sorry Revisited
    4. It'd Be Nice (To Have You Around)
    5. One And Only
    6. Got What I Want
    7. Last Chance
    8. Everyone's A Poet
    9. Sick And Tired
    10. Sweet Little Woman
    11. Nobody
  • FOR 1008 The Witches, On Parade LP/CD
    1. (What Is Yer Preferred Device) It
    2. Y Do U Make Me Feel Like That
    3. I Luv'd Wrong
    4. Laughter, Joy 'N Loneliness
    5. Who Wants 2 Sleep With The Birthday Grrrl
    6. Nuthin' Seem 2 Please U
    7. Everything Been Cool
    8. The Invisible Miserable People Have Reappeared
    9. Tryin' 2 Talk 2 U
    10. On The Haunted Side Of The House
  • FOR 1009 Troy Gregory, Laura CD
    1. Dracula Has Risen From The Pond
    2. Whatever Possessed U
    3. Yer Secret Santa
    4. Live/Dead Entertainment
    5. Setting Off Firewerx At Dawn
    6. As Coroner I Must Aver
    7. The Brood
    8. In Thee Popsicle Patch
    9. There Is A Light That Never Goes On
    10. Bananas N' Dynamite
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