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The Screws
Thee most shit hot thing!
United States Of America

The Screws #1:
(1st LP/CD)
Mick Collins: vocals, guitar, harmonica
Dan Brown: bass, organ
Marty Moore: drums, bass on Zulu Lulu
Terri Wahl: vocals, guitar, slide guitar
Jon Wahl: appears on saxophone on Transistor and I Hate Music.
Jim Diamond: mixed Zulu Lulu.

The Screws #2:
Mick Collins
Jimmy Hole
Leslie Noelle
line-up isn't complete

The Screws #3:
(Japanese Tour/Las Vegas Shakedown 2000)
Mick Collins: vocals, guitar
Terri Wahl: vocals, guitar
Jimmy Hole: bass, guitar
Kerry Davis: drums

The Screws #4:
(2nd LP)
Mick Collins: vocals, harp, guitar
Terri Wahl: vocals, guitar
Jimmy Hole: bass, guitar
Mike McHugh: drums


Dan Brown's musical history
Mick Collins' musical history
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Terri Wahl's musical history

  1. The Screws LP/CD (In The Red, 1999, ITR 060)
      recorded by Mike McHugh at The Distillery
    1. Into The Ground
    2. You're Just A Bum
    3. Jesse Lee (Frank Zappa)
    4. Kill Someone You Hate (Redd Kross)
    5. Valley
    6. Transistor
    7. Can't Get Arrested
    8. I Hate Music (The Mad)
    9. Collector Scum
    10. Zulu Lulu
    11. Your Face
    12. I Wanna Go Shopping
  2. Shake Your Monkey LP/CD (In The Red, 2001, ITR 080)
    1. Story 16 (The Outsiders)
    2. Keep On Lovin' Me (Ike Turner)
    3. In Case You Need Love (Smokey Robinson)
    4. Flip Your Face (James Chance And Contortions)
    5. The Storm (Rolling Stones)
    6. I See You, Baby (Groove Armada)
    7. Ramona Say Yes (Chuck Berry)
    8. Betcha Can't Kiss Me (Ike & Tina Turner)
    9. Shake It, Baby (John Lee Hooker)
    10. Strange Things (arr. by Hendrix) (traditional)
    11. If Loving Is Believing (Billy Emerson)
    12. I'm Yours And I'm Hers (Johnny Winter)
    13. Monkey Doin' Woman (Shy Guy Douglas)
    14. I Ain't In The Mood (Donna Hightower)
  3. Shake Your Monkey CD (P-Vine, 2002, PCD-22025)
      tracks ?
  1. Killed By The Blues CD (P-Vine, 1999, PCD-5486)
    1. Jesse Lee
  2. I Hate Music CD (P-Vine, 1999, PCD-5489)
    1. I Hate Music
  3. The Las Vegas Shakedown! CD (Masked Superstar Recordings, 2000, MSR 001)
    1. I'm Yours And I'm Hers
  4. Static Disaster The U.K. In The Red Records Sampler CD (In The Red, 2005, ITR 1313)
    1. I See You, Baby


  1. The Screws in japan onstage
  2. The Screws backstage in osaka
  3. The Screws with in the red records
  4. Screws-Sounds at midheaven