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John Lee Hooker Covers
only covers of this band listed here

  1. The Strange Boys: Baby Please Don't Go
         on Woe Is You And Me (7", In The Red)
  2. Sideburn Slim: Boogie Chillen'
         on Highway 61 (7", Nu Gold Records)
  3. The Breadmakers: Boogie Chillun'
         on Twelve More Miles To Midnight (LP/CD, Corduroy Records)
  4. Margaret Doll Rod: Boom Boom
         on Enchanté (LP, Rockin' Bones)
  5. Supercharger: Boom Boom
         on "Shut The Gate, Suzy, And Don't Let Me In" (LP, Nitro!)
  6. Supercharger: Boom Boom
         on Live At The Pit's '93 (7", Demolition Derby)
  7. Morticia's Lovers: Boom Boom
         on Piss And Love Vol 5 (LP, Mad Driver Records)
  8. '68 Comeback: Dimples
         on Love Always Wins (LP/CD, Sympathy For The Record Industry)
  9. Laughing Hyenas: Serves Me Right To Suffer
         on Covers (2x7", Bootleg)
  10. The Screws: Shake It, Baby
         on Shake Your Monkey (LP/CD, In The Red)
  11. Speedball Baby: T.B. Sheets
         on Get Straight For The Last Supper (10"/CDEP, PCP Records)

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