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Mick Collins
my personal alltime hero
United States Of America

Mick Collins ...

  1. was in the spring of 1981 in the U-Boats.
  2. played in 1984/85 drums in a band that went through several names before settling on the Floor Tasters.
  3. started, two weeks before the first Gories rehearsal (1986), recording his solo project Man Ray Man Ray.
  4. was in Gories, 1986-1992.
  5. did cut a house music single about a month after Gories started work on Houserockin in 1988.
  6. appears (as does Alex Chilton) on a 7" by Lorette Velvette entitled Eager Boy (Singles Going Steady, 1993, SGS-9301).
  7. was in Blacktop, 1994-1995.
  8. was in King Sound Quartet.
  9. is in The Dirtbombs.
  10. Mick Collins' page @
  11. is, together with Dan Kroha, special guest on a Fireworks recording. It's the b-side of the Baby Go! 7" on Human Fly and they do the backing vocals on Don't Let It Go.
  12. is singing on some Rocket From The Crypt songs, the songs are On A Rope, Born in '69 and 4 others, all of them are on the Scream, Dracula, Scream LP/CD (Headhunter, 1995, HED-054).
  13. produced half of the Demolition Doll Rods LP/CD, Tasty.
  14. produced an LP/CD by The Dirtys on Crypt. He also plays guitar on a song on the The Dirtys debut 7".
  15. recorded a special soundtrack single with Lorette Velvette, for - Wayne County Ramblin' (Lamplighter Records, 1997, EST 06).
  16. recorded some more soundtrack music:
    The Sore Losers 2xLP/CD (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 1997, SFTRI 338)
    soundtrack of a film by John Michael McCarthy
    Hoodlum, A.D.
    Bump & Grind
  17. was in The Couvairs for a two track recording session.
  18. recorded an album with Andre Williams and Dan Kroha, called Silky (In The Red, 1998, ITR-056).
  19. does the vocals on 2 songs by Teach Me Tiger, Won't U Come Around? and How Can I Stop Loving U Pt. 2.
  20. appears on the Cheater Slicks 2xLP/CD Forgive Thee (In The Red).
  21. produced the Ghetto Blaster album for the LA punk vixens Red Aunts. He does some (backing) vocals on it too.
  22. was in The Screws.
  23. coremixed Attack by Jon Spencer Blues Explosion on their Heavy 12"/CDS.
  24. produced the Cyclerific Sounds LP/CD by The Silencers (Total Energy Records, 2000, NER 3022).
  25. is producing and appearing on the Andre Williams Is The Black Godfather LP/CD (In The Red, 2000, ITR-065)
  26. produced the Whip The Booty Aussie Tour 7" by Andre Williams (Dropkick Records, 2000, BEHIND 005).
  27. appears on the Uptight! album by Speedball Baby.
  28. appears on Georgie Don't You Know on the Out There In The Dark CD by Outrageous Cherry (Poptones, 2000, mc 5003 cd).
  29. produced the 3rd album by spanish band Atom Rhumba, it's called Chasin' The Onagro Munster Records, 2001, MR 213).
  30. appears on Speedball Baby's The Blackout LP/CD (In The Red, 2002, ITR-086).
  31. wrote the liner notes for Sly Stone's Seventh Son 63/67 LP (Vampi Soul, 2002, vampi 003).
  32. appears on a The Legendary Tiger Man 7" entitled Big Black Rusty Pussyboat (Munster Records, 2003, MR 7181).
  33. recorded a funk LP/CD. The project is called The Voltaire Brothers, the album is called I Sing The Booty Electric and it's out on Fall Of Rome Records.
  34. appears on Speedball Baby's Annie Anytime 7" (Discos Alehop!, 2003, hop 019).
  35. appears on Troy Gregory's Laura CD (Fall Of Rome Records, 2004, FOR 1009).
  36. recorded a six song 12" with Matt Verta-Ray, Alex Cuervo and Steve Adkins in the summer of 1998, tentatively called The Odd Numbers, the recordings aren't released yet.
  37. is also producing the sessions for a Las Vegas band called The Latest Flames.
  38. has his solorecords listed (incompletely) on the Mick Collins "solopage".
  39. produced "The Detroit Sessions" album by The Insect.


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